About Seojindsa

Seojindsa, Inc.(서진디에스에이) is a leading global provider of consulting services for Directory Services (LDAP) and ElasticSearch (splunk, ldap proxy) consulting.

Founded in 2008, we have provided teams of consultants to medium-sized to very large directory projects. We always exceed our customers' expectations in the quality and speed of the work we deliver.

The company is comprised of over 90% engineers and consultants. Our marketing expenditure is very low as we maintain our fast growth by word of mouth and reputation, not by sales and marketing. We maintain a low administrative overhead and pass the savings along to you.

We are experts in all modern Directory and LDAP & LDAP LOG Monitoring System.

Our expertise:

  • Directory systems:
    • OpenLDAP
    • 389 Directory Server
    • Centos Directory Server
    • OpenDS
    • FreeIPA
    • OpenDJ
    • Redhat Directory Server
    • SunONE Directory Server
    • Oracle Directory Server (DSEE 11g, OUD)
    • IBM Security Directory Server
    • Unboundid Directory Server
    • Active Directory Server
    • CA Directory Server
  • LDAP Monitoring System:
    • ELK(ElasticServer, Logstash, Kibana)
    • Splunk for LDAP LOG
    • LDAP Monitoring
  • directory design and planning
  • directory migrations
  • directory synchronization
  • directory modifications/mass updates/data bulk loading via script development